Flat suction submersible pump

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Flat Suction Submersible Pump for Every User
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The Sos Pump Flat Suction Submersible Pump is an advanced water pump specially designed for installers, roofers and professional users. This robust submersible pump is the solution for flooding.

As a flat-suction pump, it is perfect for efficiently pumping water from flat roofs, basements, swimming pools, ponds and more. With its powerful 290 Watt motor, this pump can pump water up to a height of 7 meters, making it versatile with a maximum pump volume of 5000 liters per hour.

The pump has an impressive suction power that can move water to a level of just 2 mm, almost to the bottom. Thanks to its bleed valve, it can even displace water from a level of 7mm and above, making it extremely efficient even at low water levels.

Please note: The pump can only start sucking water from a height of 7 mm and sucks level up to 2 mm. However, if this is not the case, the pump will suck erratically and will not build up enough pressure in the pump and hose to displace water. The internal thread of the pump has a diameter of 1" for the couplings.

Contents Packaging:

- SOS PUMP Flat suction submersible pump
- Multi-stage Hose Tail: 13/19/25 MM
- Threaded nipple: From 1" to 3/4" male thread
- 10 Meter Electricity Cable
- Manual in NL/DE/FR/EN

*excluding non-return valve

Tip from our pump specialist; Bart

For sufficient suction power it is essential that the pump is stable on the ground. You will receive a pump with a multi-stage hose adapter and a 1" coupling for connecting a drain hose.

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