Quick coupling set 32mm

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Perfect Quick Coupling TULE 32 mm to 1 1/4" Output
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The Sos Pump Quick Coupling Set 32mm to 1 1⁄4" OUTPUT with Hose Clamp provides a seamless solution for connecting hoses to pumps. These quick couplings are designed to simplify the connection process and provide a better seal than traditional methods.

One of the main advantages of using quick couplings is the ease with which hoses can be connected and disconnected from the pump. This saves valuable time and effort, especially in situations where speed is essential, such as emergency situations or urgent tasks.

Contents Packaging:

- SOS PUMP Quick coupling TULE 32 mm to 1 1⁄4" OUTPUT
- Hose clamp

Tip from our pump specialist; Toine

Quick couplings are universal couplings, which means that the cam distance of each quick coupling is the same. So, for example, you can connect a 1" screw size quick coupling to a 1 ¼" quick coupling.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Wander B
Picked up the same day!

Needed a coupling piece and happened to be in the area, could easily pick it up from the men in Tilburg. Thank you!

Zian R
Good material, thanks

Needed a suitable coupling piece for another pump that I already had, Bart had given good advice. Thanks!

Keyn de G
Works well and closes well

Coupling does not leak, and the material looks very good on the pump

Dre vd H
Wide coupling, very good

Needed a larger coupling for another pump, these couplings fit perfectly. Thanks

Jonas vdA
Works well, coupling is sturdy.

I had previously purchased an aluminum coupling from the local hardware store, but water immediately sprayed out of the slots. This coupling piece has a hard rupper with firm pressure. No more leaks and a good connection to the hose with the hose clamp. Beautiful and thank you!

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