Shining Star at ROOFS & BUSINESS Fair

Afgelopen maand was SOS PUMP de stralende ster op de DAKEN & ZAKEN Beurs, de enige aanbieder die oplossingen bood voor wateroverlast. Ontdek onze passie voor product en klanten, en onze toewijding aan het transformeren van de dakenbranche.

Last month, Sos Pump shone like a shining star at the DAKEN & ZAKEN Trade Fair. We can proudly say that we were the only provider that offered a solution to the pressing problem of flooding. We stood among all other parties as an oasis of innovation, ready to transform the flat and sloping roof industry.

Encounters and Amazement

What made this experience so special went beyond just our commitment to quality. It was also the opportunity to meet countless people who understand the challenges in the industry. We were amazed by the enthusiasm of the fair visitors, their curiosity and interest in finding sustainable solutions. It felt like a shared mission to take the industry to new heights, and we're excited that Sos Pump can play a part in this exciting journey.

Passion for Product and Customers

As a company, we believe not only in the power of our product, but also in the value of every customer relationship. Our presence at the DAKEN & ZAKEN Fair was more than just presenting a solution; it was an opportunity to meet people, listen to their challenges and work together on sustainable solutions. We are proud to present not only a product, but also commitment and passion for our customers.

Submersible Pump Set, Side of the crate

Flooding Goodbye!

After an exciting weekend full of meetings, surprise and enthusiasm, we look to the future with confidence. Sos Pump is ready to say goodbye to flooding and provide the flat and sloping roof sector with innovative solutions. With a team driven by passion and a product that stands for quality, we are determined to create a wave of change.

For Sos Pump, the ROOFS & BUSINESS Fair was not only a showcase of our products, but also a celebration of community and collaboration. Together we tackle the challenges of the industry, with a spark of innovation and an outpouring of enthusiasm. See you next year, where we will shine again and leave the flooding behind us for good!

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Gerrit krebaum

Gerrit krebaum

Hoi Bart, wat een super marketing strategie en campagne!! Suc6!

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