Crab Float Sensor

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Perfect Start and Stop function for the Emergency Pump and elsewhere
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The SOS CRAB float is equipped with a sensor that detects water or no water. As soon as there is water, the float will switch on the pump and as soon as there is no more water, it will switch off the pump. You can set the time period for switching on and off yourself with the supplied magnetic key. The pump and float are connected to each other via the float's mating plug.

Please note: If you use the crab in combination with the Sos Pump, you must place the pump half a centimeter lower than the crab, for example in a notch in the ground. The pump starts sucking water from a height of 7 mm, while the crab starts sending signals from 3 mm. If this is not followed, the pump may suck erratically and not build up enough pressure in both the pump and the hose to displace water.

Contents Packaging:

  • SOS PUMP Crab
  • 10 Meter Electricity Cable
  • Mating plug for the float
  • Manual in NL/DE/FR/EN
Tip from our pump specialist; Bart

Make sure that the Crab Float Sensor is secure and that the sensor points under the float system are clean. This allows you to determine when the pump should start, depending on when the sensor detects water. This way your system continues to work efficiently!

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How does our pump work? (Dutch)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ugor van S
Automatic system!

Had a pump that I had to reach every time to check the water. The pump with float has been there for two weeks now and works like a glove. Thanks gentlemen!

Top product

I bought this product on this webshop and it works exactly as you would expect!

Marijke V
Works well and connects easily

Received yesterday. At first I was a bit skeptical about whether the setup worked properly, but after reading the manual it was extremely easy. Currently works very well and accurately. Thanks

Jasper L
Smart solution!

With the built-in sensor that detects water, the float automatically switches the pump on and off. The best part is that you can set the time for switching on and off yourself with the magnetic key that is included. No hassle, just convenient!

Hein VH
Easy to use!

The crab meets expectations, easy to use and a good price for quality.

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